Presto Deep Fryer

Presto GranDaddy

The Presto GrandDaddy and Presto FryDaddy are cheap but good bucket shaped fryer. They may not have the stainless steel look some people are looking for, but if you can overlook that side, the Presto GranDaddy or the Presto FryDaddy deep fryer might be your best deep fryer ever. With its 6 cup oil capacity, the GranDaddy deep fryer is perfect for a small family, or use between a few roommates, while the FryDaddy is perfect for for someone who does not need to fry enormous amounts at one time . The Presto FryDaddy and GranDaddy comes with a snap-on lid, so you can store the oil right inside the fryer. The nearly perfect reviews say it all, Presto GranDaddy and FryDaddy are great Presto deep fryers.

Presto 05466 ProFry Stainless-Steel Dual-Basket Deep Fryer

Bring deep frying to a new level with the Presto 05466 ProFry Deep Fryer. This deep fryer is 12 cup big and can cook family size meals in a snap. The stainless steel and professional look will nicely fit any kitchen decor. The Presto 05466 dual basket will fry two different types of food at once or extra-large batches. Most consumers agree, the ProFry 05466 is reliable and keeps the oil at a constant temperature to avoid overheating and prevent the generation of oil fumes.

Presto 05450 DualDaddy Electric Deep Fryer

Looking for an affordable deep fryer that will accomodate your whole family and reliabe so you will not need to take a guess each time about whether the thermometer is working or not? The Presto DualDaddy Electric deep fryer is a step up to the FryDaddy and GranDaddy. The divider, if you decide to use it, will allow you to cook two types of food all at once. The magnetic power cord attachment of this Presto deep fryer is a new safety addition that will allow the cord to come out if it is pulled. This safety feature will prevent the unit from falling or oil splashing. You will love the extra room in this Presto deep fryer. Reviews don’t lie, this Presto deep fryer is a must have in your kitchen.

Remember that your best deep fryer will depend on your needs and preferences. A Presto Deep fryer model may not suit your lifestyle as well as another Presty deep fryer, even if they are of equal quality may not suit your lifestyle. If you are a single person, you probably don’t need to buy the more expensive Presto 05466 ProFry Stainless Steel Dual Basket Deep Fryer, but if you are the mother of two children, the Presto FryDaddy may not be your ideal deep fryer as it may be too small for your needs. Learn more about the best Presto Deep Fryer on our Best Deep Fryer Presto section.

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