Hamilton Beach

A Hamilton Beach deep fryer will give you the impression of deep frying your food in the deep fryer of your favorite local diner. Their deep fat fryers are fun small appliance to own if you like the taste and freshness of homemade french fries, onion rings, tempura and much more.

hamilton beach 35030Hamilton Beach 35030 12 cups (3 liters)

This brand is known for the ease to use and the sturdiness of the appliances. The Hamilton Beach 35030 is a 12 cups (less than one gallon) oil appliance that will easily feed a family of 4 or 5.

The appliance is a great fryer as it heats up very evenly and a preset timer allows you to know when the cooking time is up. The temperature of the oil can reach 375F in only 10 minutes. This Hamilton Beach model also has a nice deep basket, a viewing window, allowing you to check on your food without being splashed on, a light indicator for when the oil reaches the wanted temperature.

The low resistance electric cord, that prevents the fryer from being accidentally pulled over by the cord, is a great safety feature. Cleaning is done like a breeze, as the item can be disassembled for cleaning.

Hamilton Beach 35020 Cool Touch deep

This fryer  Hamilton Beach 35020 Cool Touch deep fryer is good little gadget, with a few flaws. This 6 to 8 cups fat fryer is a very complete product. The unit stays cool enough to be touched, even when on, and the pot can be easily taken out to be cleaned in the dishwasher. It features an adjustable temperature, a temperature light indicator, and a built-in timer tells you when cooking time is up, allowing you to cook other meals in the same time. This model also features a safe breakaway cord.

However, this model is not always perfect, as some consumers have complained about the fact that the fryer sometimes doesn’t hold the heat when it is too loaded. Overall, this is a great product that give satisfactory results.

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