Hamilton Beach deep fryer

The Hamilton Beach deep fryer : like working at McD’…

The Hamilton Beach Deep Fryer is a great item to have in your kitchen, if once in a while you like to indulge yourself with some homemade fries or onion rings. You will enjoy the many nice advantages of owning a deep fryer, especially the Hamilton Beach Deep Fryer.

First the Hamilton Beach Deep Fryer is very well built and is fairly to operate. The fryer needs less than a gallon (or less than 3 liters) of oil and the size is perfect for a family of 4 or 5.


The machine heats up evenly and features a timer that beeps when the preset time is up. You can adjust the temperature with this best deep fryer and the oil reaches 375F in 10 minutes or less. The Hamilton Beach deep fryer also has a viewing window, allowing you to look at your food without the chances of being splashed with oil. A light signal will indicate when the oil reaches the wanted temperature for perfectly cooked food.

Adjustable temperature Viewing window in the lid Unit completely disassembles for easy cleanup Preheat light signals when oil is at the selected temperature

One of the greatest safety feature present on this Hamilton Beach model is that it comes with a low resistance electric cord that. This electric cord will unhook from the fryer if something is pulling it (for example, accidentally pulled by kids or even yourself). This great feature prevents the fryer from falling or oil from spilling. Oil accidents are very severe and can cause serious burns, so this feature adds a lot of safety to the machine.

While this is the concern of many deep fryer owners, the cleaning of the Hamilton Beach Deep Fryer is very easy. The deep fryer can easily be disassembled and cleaned with some soap to remove the greasy coating that occurs during cooking.

The Hamilton Beach deep fryer has a nice deep basket, and your fries will come just as good as that tasty restaurant on the corner of the street. Food cook quickly and you will end up with nice crisp deep fried food that will not feel greasy. Whether you are looking into cooking chicken wings, French fries, onion rings, chicken cutlets, veggies, or any other fried food you can think of, the Hamilton Beach deep fryer is an excellent product recommended by many. You will be greatly satisfied with the fast heat up time of the unit.

In a few words, the Hamilton Beach deep fryer is simple, sturdy, and doesn’t comes with a ton of electronic features that will take you hours to demistify or that could malfunction.

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