Deep Fryer Oil Choices

42-16246844An important aspect to deep frying is the selection of a good oil to use. Each oil has it’s own particular set of characteristics which it can impart on the food you cook. There are a wide variety of oils to choose from, and they will greatly affect what you can cook, and how it tastes.

Some oils are more expensive than others. Some add extra flavors, while others let the flavor of the food shine through on their own. Lastly, some oils are much healthier than others. Follow our guide on the different oils available and decide for yourself.

Vegetable Oil: One of the most common oils used. It’s very inexepensive and can be found at just about any grocery store or supermarket. With it’s high smoking point (around 400° F.) it’s great as an all-purpose oil, especially for beginners to deep frying.

Canola Oil: Another common and inexpensive oil. Like vegetable oil, it’s great for beginners because of it’s high smoking point (around 450° F.), and doesn’t affect the flavor of your food too much. The low saturated fat content makes it a very healthy choice as well.

Corn Oil: A good, all purpose oil which is tasteless, and has a high smoking point (around 450° F.).

Olive Oil: An expensive oil with a low smoking point. It can be used, but is normally not suggested unless the subtle flavor of the oil can be appreciated in the food.

Peanut Oil: A great oil for anyone looking to expand beyond the conventional all-purpose vegetable/canola oils. It has an extremely high smoking point (around 450° F.), making it ideal for cooking just about anything, and imparts a delicious, nutty flavor to your food. Unfortunately, peanut oil can be relatively expensive compared to vegetable or canola oil, and is also full of saturated fats.

On a final note, if you’re going to be deep frying many different types of food, you’ll probably want to seperate and store the oil between uses. In this way, the oil you use to deep fry fish, for example, won’t be used to deep fry your vegetables (and thus your food won’t be picking up tastes or scenets from previous deep frying sessions).

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